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1100 Clarks Rd, New Bern, NC, 28562, US

Phone: 252-639-4256


Failed to help and protect a family of week old stray kittens. The actions of two Animal Control Officers failed to help 5 kittens. Their initial arrival was filled with broken promises and advised family living in the home to see if they could catch the strays and bring them to Bill's Pets Store. The resident advised the officers of the allergy to cats. Officers said they would return the following day with food and a trap. They never did. I called and they came out a second time and again did nothing stating Animal Control was full. They left and never came back to followed up. Sadly, a few of the kittens died. They had zero concern for the week old kittens or the young mother who appeared to be pregnant again. The job to protect never happened and resulted in the death of kittens.

— Heather

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